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Name:Everyone Loves Rodney
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What's this? Friday with no new SG:A? It's like Abbott without Costello, yin without yang, bread without butter (or low fat not-at-all-butter variant of your choice).

While watching Season Four of Stargate Arlantis, airinshaw and catwalksalone decided that the show should actually have been called "Everybody Loves Rodney!"

This comic is what happened next. Which goes to show that airinshaw and catwalksalone should not be allowed to mainline 6 episodes in one day together.

A weekly webcomic reinterpreting the events of season 4 through a completely slightly cracked lens.

Membership is closed - you can't join this community as it's simply used for the posting of this webcomic. You can, however, watch it if you want to.

Author's Notes
No disrespect intented to the makers of SGA. We mock because we love. SGA doesn't belong to us and we make no profit.

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